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Overcome challenges and Create Recurring Revenue

A customized vendor program allows customers to acquire your equipment, service or solution with convenient lease or loan structures while you - the provider - receive full upfront payment for the sale. Simply put, we help you sell more, sell bigger, and sell more profitably.

Benefits of a financing program

A customized finance program can help your business overcome the many challenges you and your sales team face every day. With financing, you sell a monthly payment instead of the full upfront equipment cost. This helps prevent excessive discounting when trying to close a sale. And while your competitors may offer less expensive equipment, with financing, you can match or beat competitor offers with attractive payment structures. Financing also helps create recurring revenue for your business - when a customer's contract is coming up to term you have the ability to upgrade or renew the agreement. In addition, you can bundle soft costs such as training, freight, warranty, build-out costs, and installation into the monthly payment. And by offering 100% financing, you become a total solution provider to your customer.

Our Partners
  • OEMs and Manufacturers
  • Dealers and Distributors
  • Franchisors and Franchisees
Payment Structures
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Deferred
  • Seasonal
  • Step or Skip
End-of-Term Options (Leasing)
  • Purchase at the Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Purchase for $10 or higher residual
  • Purchase Upon Termination (PUT)
  • Renew for a specific term

Control of your quotes through an online portal

Partnering with Tholons Capital also means having an online portal that puts you in control of your business opportunities. You can present financing options to your customers and keep track of your current and expiring quotes at a glance. Start the credit application process directly on the portal and get a quick response.

It's simple and it's fast for you and your customer!