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Creative financing solutions that drive responsible energy use

Clean Technology

AtTholons Capital we help energy users select, finance, and manage their increasingly diverse portfolios of energy assets. With our partners, we are focused on improving commercial and industrial energy efficiency. Innovation in energy generation, management and consumption combined with creative financing options is increasing opportunities to save energy while also reducing expenses.

Clean Technology's challenges

Realizing Savings through Energy Efficiency Projects

Commercial building technology upgrades are a significant opportunity for energy and cost savings. Advances in HVAC, LED lighting, building controls, and other technologies can help companies cut costs and meet carbon-reduction goals. The right financing structure can be key to not only saving energy but also realizing operating cost savings. Our expertise in financing energy efficiency projects, built through over ten years of experience financing over YY projects, businesses and organizations enables us to provide customized solutions that meet a wide range of energy efficiency and financial needs.

Asset based lending (example)

Business Continuity Requires Energy Resilience

Energy resiliency should be a key component of a business continuity plan. Power outages brought on by natural disasters or aging infrastructure pose an increasing risk to ongoing operations. Investing in effective back-up or alternative primary energy sources can mitigate the risk of energy disruptions. At Tholons Capital America we are working with an increasing number of companies interested in energy resiliency projects. We have completed financings for projects have including microgrid infrastructure, backup generators, and battery storage.

Stakeholder focus on ESG brings Sustainability to the forefront

At Tholons Capital, we are committed to helping achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals both though how we operate and in how we support our clients’ clean technology efforts. Our clients are increasingly focused on conservation, fuel alternatives, and bioenergy projects to meet environmental, stakeholder, and efficiency goals. Also many companies have announced Net Zero goals which are predicated on successfully implementing these types of projects. We understand that the right financing structure can be an important catalyst to the success of sustainability projects. We have extensive experience in sustainability projects which gives us the expertise and the knowhow to develop and execute financing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs that delivered desired results.