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What's more frustrating than not having the equipment your customer wants?

Our inventory finance solution is there for that purpose!

Keep your dealership stocked with Inventory Financing. Our simple, yet comprehensive approach to financing helps dealers obtain and maintain inventory with a customized line of credit.

What is Inventory Finance?

Inventory financing, at its core, is a form of asset-based lending in which the amount borrowed is determined by the value of your inventory. Typically, it will be a short-term loan or a line of credit; lenders will lend a percent of the inventory’s value. There’s usually no need for collateral since the inventory secures the loan.

How Inventory Finance Helps Your Business?

Inventory financing lets dealers make the purchases they need when they need them. With inventory financing, dealers may be more able to buy in volume and earn volume discounts. It increases the number of units sold as your customers won't have to wait for the unit as it will already be in your dealership.

The industries we serve:
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Lifting equipment
  • Utility trailers
  • Electric Vehicles
  • And many more! You have a project, contact us to know more!
Benefits for Manufacturers
  • Generate sales through increased dealer purchasing power
  • Offload open account risk and administration
  • Improved cash flow via predictable, consistent payments
  • Dedicated credit lines and expedient dealer credit approval
  • Reduced capital requirements
  • Best in class platform provides visibility to inventory turn and dealer replenishment opportunities
Benefits for Dealers
  • Expanded inventory stocking levels improve sales results
  • Enhanced cash flow vs. paying for inventory
  • Manufacturer supported programs provide attractive terms and flexibility, tailored to meet unique market characteristics
  • 100% advance rate superior to bank offerings
  • Integrated Retail Finance programs create convenient, full-service partner