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The Perfect Partner for Your Portfolio

As a fellow lender, we understand your business more so than most traditional banks and commercial lenders. Business cycles, talent shortages, growing pains, line limits and more are familiar to us, allowing our team to more than a lender to clients.

What is Lender Finance?

Designed for fellow factors and commercial finance lenders, lender financing provides working capital lines of credit for factors and asset-based lending companies to help them build their own portfolios, all while gaining access to industry experts with more than 75+ years of combined experience in the asset-based lending and factoring industry.

How Lender Finance Can Help Grow Your Portfolio?

It's pretty simple. When you have cash to grow your company, the same can be said for your clients. We offer lines up to $25 million with minimal covenant requirements. Our credit lines grow with the success of your business, offering you needed availability with very competitive rates.

We offer
  • Scalable credit lines
  • Minimal covenants
  • Competitive rates and access to capital from Tholons Capital Inc
* Conditions apply.