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Enjoy Simple Process of Business Financing with Tholons Capital

Business finance assists businesses in getting through a rough patch, and helps in its expansion. Such funding also offers finance for the growth and equipment upgrades in the company. It is now easier to get loans for your business venture with Tholons Capital with no rejections like traditional banks or lenders. If you are having a hard time maintaining the business cash flow, this loan will help take a lot of pressure off.

At Tholons Capital, we love to help all Canadan business owners to move forward. We have been doing so for more than nine years, and are one of Canada’s pioneer online lending companies. So we know what the client is suffering from and what they need for managing their finances. Tholons Capital can help you with flexible, reliable, and fast business finance solutions to keep your business moving.

How to Know if Your Company will qualify for Business Funding?

The credit score of a business indicates the financial health condition of any organization. Below we have prepared some ways through which we determine if the organization is eligible for any finance solution or not.

  • The business needs to be at least one year in the industry
  • Should have a minimum credit score of 600 points
  • The business should hold no record of bankruptcy before or in the recent times
  • The company should include an annual turnover of at least $1,000,000

Various reasons for which you might need business financing solutions

Tholons Capital includes flexibility for supporting Canadan business owners of all sizes-startup or established, small or big. We love to help the business for the following reasons.


Your business might be starting to run at great speed, but cash flow might be stalling. We help to bring forward the cash, which is otherwise tied up with the customer invoices.

Business Growth

Your business might include the opportunities to scale high, but it is getting stuck due to tight cash flow. If you are also facing similar circumstances, it is time to implement these opportunities through our business financing solutions.


It must have been tough to keep the business running as it requires constant cash flow to keep all the operations on the right track. Unlock all your expansion and growth plans by updating the equipment, enhancing the payroll, and maintaining proper cash flow. It is only possible through the business finance solution of Tholons Capital.

Established Business

If you have been around in the industry for quite some time but still facing difficulty in looking for finances for your business, then worry not. Tholons Capital is always there to help you maintain the authority of the enterprise in the sector.

How to Apply for Business Funding Through Tholons Capital?

Once you check out the eligibility criteria for applying for business finance through Tholons Capital, you can submit your request for the loan in the following way.

  • Apply with our easy and rapid application process
  • The form takes only less than 3 minutes to complete
  • Our lightning speed loan approval process allows up to $5,000,000 within two days
  • You only have to submit the past six month’s bank account statement
  • We often complete more than $500K within one business days whenever the business owner is in urgent need of some cash
  • A committed business financing specialist will guide throughout the entire process application
Tholons Capital wants every Business Owner to Succeed.

Business finance or funding is considered as the blood of the business that is necessary for growth. Over nine years, we have seen many established businesses succumb to failure due to a lack of sufficient cash flow. We offer small and large loan amounts that will assist business owners to save or advance the company from the worst circumstances.

We all know how difficult it is to get immediate funding these days, but Tholons Capital will always be by your side even when the traditional finance company or a bank will reject your loan approval.

Also, the paperwork and the timeframe for the settlement in these institutions are long. At Tholons Capital, we take away all these painstaking procedures for getting the instant business finance the client requires. Due to fast service, reliable offers, flexible repayment time, and other charges, Tholons Capital has become one of the premier business financing companies all across the continent.