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Apply for Bridging Loans from Tholons Capital for Responsible Banking

Bridging finance is related to the funding option of immediate loans that will bridge all the gaps of a money shortage. Any business owner-be it an established or a start-up can end up in this situation. Thus it is significant to know all the entry and exits of having funding and how to apply for them. One of the most common scenarios where you might need bridging loans in Canada is when you want to buy a new property without selling your existing one. You can also use these loans for other purposes, like business growth or upgrading factory machinery.

When Can You Apply for Bridging Loans from Tholons Capital?

You can apply for short-term bridging loans from Tholons Capital whenever you require immediate cash and return it within the specified tenure. Other reasons include:

  • When you have to pay a debt to the creditor or the ATO
  • For the easy cash flow in the business
  • For construction completion of any big project
  • When you include bad credit and cannot get funding
  • When you need funds to purchase a new property

Tholons Capital offers bridging finance in Canada to organizations and individuals for medium to short-term loans for any of the above purposes.

What is the concept of bridging finance?

Previously bridging finance assists people to arrange to fund while buying a new property before selling the current one. But nowadays, bridging loans are used for fulfilling any requirement for short-term funding like repaying an ATO debt, purchasing stocks, working capital, cash flow, and many more.

People apply for bridging loans when banks have declined their application even after signing a contract due to some discrepancies. The banks might see steady cash or equity that you have to offer, but they cannot approve the loan fast enough.

Also, you have to go through plenty of paperwork to get your loan passed. On the other hand, Tholons Capital can offer instant cash within two days of approval of bridging loans in Canada. Usually, the borrower has to repay the total amount within a year of application.

Reasons to Select Tholons Capital for your bridging loans

Now let us have a quick look at some of the reasons why Tholons Capital is the best lender for your bridging finance.

Direct Lender

We value the borrower’s time and concentrate on making the entire loan approval procedure faster and easier.

Faster Settlements

The process of approving short-term bridging loans is simple. We take all our decisions fast and try to pass them within two days from the application date.

Committed Support

Tholons Capital offers phone and online support to all our borrowers. It will assist them in speaking to a real person in times of difficulty and not get irritated by a bot!

How to apply for bridging loans in Canada from Tholons Capital?

Well, the procedure for the application of bridging finance in Canada is simple.

Submit an Inquiry

You can submit an inquiry for your bridging loans by applying online or calling us directly on 1300 863 711.

Document Required

You have to submit your financial or business details like expenses, income, assets, and more together with your application form. We verify the identity of the borrower with the help of the following proofs.

  1. Canadan Driving license
  2. Canadan Medicare Card
  3. Or Canadan Passport
Assessment of The Application

We take complete responsibility for lending bridging finance in Canada. We also make sure that the borrower is fully capable of returning the loan within the specified time.

Conditional Progress

You will receive conditional approval from our end on the same day on submitting an inquiry.

Formal Approval Progress

We accomplish all our due diligence for the loan as soon as possible on the second day and sign the formal approval documents.


We settle all our short-term bridging loan inquiries not within days, weeks, or months but with a track record of 48 hours.

Apply online or call us so that a customer executive of Tholons Capital will get back to your query. Do not let your dream home go away only due to the absence of cash in your hand. Take a bridging loan from us and buy your favourite abode without selling your current one!