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The best Asset Finance Solutions for the Business Owners in Canada

Creating a new business from the start is always challenging, and you might need an additional financial boost from outside. But due to the stringent lending options imposed by some traditional banks, it becomes frustrating to enhance your business future. But worry not as there is plenty of help available from the leading companies like Tholons Capital. Regardless of what you need the money for, asset finance can be used for so many things. The loan can be for buying some new equipment, updating the technologies, or securing additional current assets. Whatever be the reason, you can rest assured that Tholons Capital will always find you the best asset lending finance solution to match your requirements.

What do you mean by Asset Financing?

An asset financing solution is a sort of business loan that is necessary for business growth. In small business asset lending, the asset you are trying to purchase is implemented as the security in the lending process. But even when you are not purchasing a new asset, you can still opt for this funding solution using the current personal or existing asset. So, we can conclude this loan is only for the properties considered a significant investment in a business with a reasonable lifespan.

Different Types of Asset Funding

There are numerous varieties of asset finance solutions that are dependent on the various reasons for funding. They are as follows.

Chattel Mortgage

This assent finance is a loan given to a company or an individual against any movable property. By movable property, we mean any business vehicle like a car or a minivan.

Finance Lease

A finance or capital or sales lease is a loan where the lending company like Tholons Capital will become the official owner of the property during the lease tenure. It is also applicable in the case of equipment rental.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is known as the arrangement made with the lender while purchasing any high-priced equipment or goods. The business owner will make the down payment during the purchase and the remaining amount he/she has to pay in installments.

Operating Lease

In this form of asset finance, there is an agreement between the lender and the borrower where the former will be responsible for the property management.

Tech Rental

Tech rental is an easy alternative to asset funding that allows business owners to buy expensive technological equipment for the organization.

Novated Lease

A novated lease is a lease of a motor vehicle that has already been novated. It means that there is an obligation in the contract which gets transferred from one person to another.

Benefits of Getting an Asset Financing Option

Asset funding solution allows the business owners to take their company one step ahead of their competitors. There are unlimited advantages of this type of loan for businesses in Canada. Let us take a look at some of them below.

  • Offers a solution to buy the asset or equipment that would not have been possible from the regular business cash flow
  • It covers a different type of asset funding options like a car, equipment, and properties
  • Repayments are fixed and easy to budget for
  • Specific tax benefits are possible on the purchase of chief assets
  • It attracts a higher chance or lower rate of approval compared to unsecured business loans
  • The borrower can apply for asset finance for varied mid to long terms with the best capital solutions

Why select Tholons Capital for getting Asset Financing Solutions?

When a business owner of an established or a startup company applies for an asset loan through Tholons Capital, you can remain assured about our conditions, outline terms, interest rates, repayment schedules, and any hidden fees with complete transparency. Due to our extensive experience of more than nine years in this industry, we can answer and find a solution to any problem you might have relevant to asset funding with precision.

So, if your application is continuously getting rejected by a reputed bank or traditional lenders for an asset loan, then Tholons Capital will offer you the ultimate solution in these scenarios. For further information related to correct funding or asset financing products, call us anytime to get customized recommendations for your needs!